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Engagement Story

Hallie & Erik

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They had spent 3 years at the same college. Both in Pullman at Washington State University, they had never once had even as much as a brief meeting. Well maybe they had a few run ins on campus or possibly at Mechnies (per Hallie, a cruddy restaurant where Erik worked at for a few years). They finally happened to officially meet and Erik told Hallie he recognized her from the college gym and always thought she was cute. Little did they know they would meet again, years later on a random summer night. On June 23, 2012, outside the bars in Belltown, Hallie was with her girlfriends trying to take some selfies....Erik nearby stepped up and offered to 'help'. Erik knew it couldn't hurt! Once going into one of the bars Erik and Hallie got to talking...shortly into the conversations he asked if he could take her on a date! Hallie without hesitation said YES...they exchanged numbers and had their first date the next weekend. They seem to be inseparable ever since. A little while later....they moved in together and now have the cutest pup, was only a matter of time till the subject of marriage was at the front of their minds.

The morning of September 5th, 2015, Erik had a fun day planned. He had wanted to bring Lexi, their new pup, to Juanita Park for a walk and a picnic since it was forecast to be one of the last sunny days of the summer. They picked up lunch and went to the dock on the waterfront. They stopped as Erik wanted to snap some pics of Lexi and Hallie. Next thing Hallie realized is that Erik was on one knee, ring out and asking Hallie to marry him. Of course once she saw the fancy bottle of champagne Erik had brought along Hallie knew it was safe to say YES (I think she would have said YES champagne or not). Erik had won the champagne at a silent auction a couple of years prior and said he was always saving it for a special occasion....sounds like it was the perfect time! They spent the next couple of hours at the park calling friends and family, excited about their big news.
Hallie was a bit shell shocked for part of the day but things really soaked in as Erik had secretly planned an engagement party for that evening. Everyone was there including Hallie's father who happens to live in California and made it there to join them for the party. They were both ecstatic to share this special time with everyone close to them.
We decided to do their engagement session around the Kirkland marina where Erik proposed. It was an gorgeous sunny January day and they were relaxed and simply enjoyed sometime with each other. I can't wait for their July wedding in Issaquah! It's gonna be a party I know that!